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Certificate of Occupancy Survey NY, Empire State Layout, Certificate of Occupancy Surveyors for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Certificate of Occupancy Surveyors for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Empire State Layout is one of the most prominent land surveying companies in New York. No matter their size, the company provides expert surveying and mapping services to commercial, residential and public facilities. Empire State Layout has built a truly impressive land surveying portfolio, working with some of the most significant developers in New York, the company has been involved in various high-profile development projects that helped change the face of the city, and provides the same care and attention to residential clients in NYC and the local area.

What is a Certificate of Occupancy Survey?

A certificate of occupancy is required by municipalities to validate the completion of a construction project. Needed for both new and existing projects, this type of document is required from its developers for all facilities of commercial, residential and public nature. A certificate of occupancy can be necessary for any of the following situations:
  • The construction of a new building.
  • A building is being modified to suit a different purpose than the one it was initially built for.
  • The occupancy of an industrial or commercial building changes.
  • The ownership of an industrial, residential or commercial building changes.
A certificate of occupancy needs to show the conditions of the finished building in comparison to the development plans that were previously approved by the municipality. The document needs to show that the structure is inhabitable according to local laws. As an essential part of a building permit, a certificate of occupancy needs to be accurate and comprehensive. With this as their goal, certificate of occupancy surveyors go through all the specific requirements in an area, ensuring that there will be no hiccups or problems whenever it is time for the document to be submitted. 

Who Needs Certificate of Occupancy Surveying?

Also known as an as-built survey, a certificate of occupancy survey is a document that is required for most construction and development projects. Apart from the municipality, various entities may need a certificate of occupancy survey, including banks, state authorities, local authorities, engineers and general construction contractors. 

The information that is conveyed in this type of certificate is useful for all parties involved in the development of a new construction project. However, it serves the purpose of guaranteeing that the project is being carried out correctly and according to municipal laws. As an extra advantage, this certificate can be used to extend deadlines and to set up remediation procedures whenever violations are found. 

To obtain a certificate of occupancy, developers need to hire a land surveying company such as Empire State Layout. This process is typically carried out right after the construction has ended. At the same time, a certificate of occupancy survey can be used by anyone who is purchasing an already-existent building to verify that everything is in its rightful place. 

As was previously mentioned, a certificate of occupancy is an important document that acts as a complement to a building permit. By demonstrating that the final state of the project complies thoroughly with the plans and specifications that were approved by the municipality, a certificate of occupancy validates the entire project. This is hugely important as a failure to adhere to ordinances, codes, and laws can result in a myriad of problems for the developer, including substantial fines and even criminal charges. 

Essentially, your building will not be declared as being habitable by local authorities without a certificate of occupancy. Apart from preventing the building from being used for any purpose, a failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy will not allow its owners to sign a contract to sell it or close on a mortgage for it. Apart from being necessary to validate the final state of a construction project, a certificate of occupancy survey can be used as a proof of the structural characteristics of a particular project. For obvious reasons, developers must be able to guarantee that every aspect of the construction that is taking place was authorized. 

Every city or town has a local government agency or building department that is in charge of verifying all development projects have the necessary certificates. The procedures and requirements vary widely between jurisdictions. For that reason, it is vital for owners and developers to hire a land surveying company with expert certificate of occupancy surveyors that are familiar with every aspect of the process. 
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Consultation Regarding Certificate of Occupancy Surveying

Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Consultation Regarding Certificate of Occupancy Surveying

Having more than 50 years of combined surveying and mapping experience, Empire State Layout is your best option for obtaining a certificate of occupancy quickly and without headaches. Our dedicated certificate of occupancy surveyors are well-trained and experienced.

To get the ball rolling for obtaining a certificate of occupancy for your property, please contact Empire State Layout right now. Through a free consultation, we will efficiently evaluate your needs and advise you on the best ways to move forward. 

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