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Vacant Land Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - Vacant Land Surveyors for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Vacant Land Surveyors for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Whether you are buying a parcel of raw land in New York or you are preparing to build a structure on land that you already own, it is important to learn as much as possible about the property before you take action. At Empire State Layout, our skilled and hardworking team of attention-oriented surveying professionals have combined experience that spans more than 50 years. Our goal is to help each of our valued clients with all of their sketching and surveying needs regardless of how large or small the project is. 

Even the smallest error in a land survey on vacant land could have disastrous and expensive consequences for a current property owner or prospective buyer. We are the surveying team that you can count on to pay attention to the finest details, and we are committed to perfection with each project that we complete. Our services include both mapping and sketching land placements. This includes everything from gas lines and creeks to property lines, boundaries, easements and more. To ensure high-caliber results for each project that we work on, we use only state-of-the-art equipment that assists with accuracy throughout all stages of the process. 

What Is a Vacant Land Survey?

Empire State Layout offers mapping and surveying services for residential and commercial properties that are developed, and we also provide vacant land surveys. As your preferred vacant land surveyors, we take time to thoroughly analyze and sketch all relevant property features so that your survey is as accurate and useful for your needs as possible. This includes outlining everything from soil thickness and elevation changes to perimeter lines, easement placements and more. Through our analysis of the property, you can also learn more about any land rights that may exist on the property, such as for the use of natural resources that may be procured on the property throughout your time of ownership.

Our services include a detailed and accurate draft of all relevant property features that may affect its value as well as your usage of the vacant land.. This document becomes a permanent record of the condition of the property to date. You may use this survey or layout drawing for a wide range of purposes now and in the years to come. 

Who Benefits from Vacant Land Surveys?

 Typically, an existing property owner or a prospective buyer will order this type of survey and sketch. An existing owner may need access to a current survey before refinancing an existing loan on the property as part of lender requirements, or he or she may be interested in building on the land in the near future. An architect may need to see the work from our vacant land surveyors to create an accurate building plan. Prospective buyers usually order a vacant land survey as part of a mortgage lender’s requirements. However, some prospective buyers are also interested in the potential to build on the property at a later date. 

Why Would You Need a Vacant Land Surveying

You may need to reach out to our vacant land surveyors for a wide range of reasons, and you can rest assured that our surveys will meet our needs. The precision and accuracy of our surveys are flawless. Many of our clients use a survey to define property value, and an appraiser may ask to see a copy of the survey to complete his or her land appraisal report. Remember that some specific features of the property may make it more or less valuable. For example, a poorly placed easement can impact usability and ultimately the value of some parcels of land. 

A mortgage lender or title company may need to see the survey as part of the financing and closing process. A detailed survey on vacant land may also be used to resolve property tax disputes, easement disagreements, property boundary issues and more. Commercial surveys on vacant land may even be used for zoning purposes when you apply for permits and other documents through a local government agency. Because a land survey provides you with a solid and accurate view of the land and all of its features at present, it could even be used at a later date to avoid or thwart disputes before they gain full traction. With many uses of an accurate survey on your land, you may benefit substantially by ordering this report and by thoroughly reviewing it. Remember that our team will take time to answer any questions that you have about the survey so that you fully understand the sketch that you are looking at. 
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Consultation Regarding Your Land Surveying Needs

Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Consultation Regarding Your Land Surveying Needs

At Empire State Layout, we are committed to helping each valued client with all of their land surveying needs. Vacant land surveys are only one of several services that we offer throughout the local area for both residential and commercial zoned properties. Regardless of the reason why you need to survey your vacant land property, rest assured that we offer reliable and accurate service that will meet your unique needs. 

With our decades of combined experience, our detail-oriented skills and our use of highly-advanced equipment, you can count on us to produce incredible results for all land surveys that we complete. Contact us today for a consultation or to learn more about the services we provide. 

Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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