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Empire State Layout is a trusted authority in surveying and precision mapping, with more than 50 years of combined experience incorporated into each land survey. It is our commitment to provide stellar consulting services to commercial, residential and public facilities, no matter the size, as part of our standard of excellence.

Our individualized service, advanced mapping, surveying equipment, and 50+ combined years of experience and expertise in the field, has earned us a reputation for integrity and quality you can count on.
"If we say we're going to send somebody, we send them. If we say we're going to be there a certain time, we'll be there. If we say we're going to get something done, we get it done. Your word is everything in this industry."
-Anthony Santiago
Founder and President
Empire State Layout
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Over 50 Years of Combined NY Land Surveying Expertise

A High Standard of Land Surveying Excellence

We understand that master surveying and mapping requires precise data and of the utmost quality, and that is why we pride ourselves in providing top-notch surveying services. Our NY Land Surveyors are highly skilled and experienced in a variety of construction projects and are committed to sticking to the budget while providing quality results in a timely manner.

We employ state of the art equipment and remain up to date in innovative techniques, so there is no project that is out of the question, from basic sidewalk improvements to the most detailed construction projects, we've got you covered. And, clients can rest assure that no project is complete until Empire's team leaders as well as the client says it is.

The New York Post called in Empire State Layout to independently measure the distance of Aaron Judge's June 6th 495-foot home run at Yankee Stadium.

Over 50 Years of Combined NY Land Surveying Expertise

  • State of The Art Equipment - Our NY Land Surveyors understand that technically advanced equipment is needed in order to produce the most accurate results. This is especially true in instances where data can be a bit difficult to record, such as when surveying challenging surfaces. We employ only the most innovative equipment for the most reliable results, no matter the project.
  • Building Information Modeling - Imagine viewing your project in 3D form before it is ever even completed. Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) utilizes computer-generated n-dimensional models to generate a 3D image of your finished project. This virtual image not only allows clients to view their project in its entirety, but also allows them to pinpoint potential issues with the project before it is set in stone, saving time, money and frustration.
  • High-Definition Laser Scan - Perhaps you have an existing structure, currently in use, that requires surveying. With High-Definition Laser Scan, our surveyors can obtain a 3D model of the structure without interrupting business, tenancy or traffic flow.
  • Deformation Modeling - Safety is imperative with any structure in order to avoid damage and injuries later on. With deformation modeling, our land surveyors incorporate a series of techniques, including optical monitoring, to compute how structures such as high rises, bridges and historical monuments etc. sway under certain situations. This data can then be used to help preserve the integrity of your structure. At Empire, we integrate innovation with tradition for superior results.
Whether you are in need of a property survey, sidewalk survey or topography survey, rest assure that we've been doing it for years. This means, not only are our surveyors adept at determining precise terrestrial points, distances and angles for a wide range of projects, but they are equipped to meet prompt deadlines as well.

We understand that land surveys are required for government or civil law and costly construction projects, therefore, establishing clear boundaries for ownership and land maps are vital. Our surveys are sketched and mapped to perfection with rich detail and highly illustrative attributes of your specific project. Lines are carefully crafted to clearly establish planes, elevations, boundaries and improvements. In many instances, we can even employ ground penetrative radar and radio detection to further define contours, such as in the event of a utility survey.

Certificate of Occupancy

We are also experts in the procedures and requirements for Certificate of Occupancy. Our professional surveyors can conduct a thorough interior and exterior inspection of the given structure to ensure building codes and other laws are met, so clients can obtain a Final Certificate of Occupancy.

Empire is a one stop shop for land surveying services. Whether you are in need of an ALTA survey to fulfill a mortgage company, lender or title company requirement, a property survey to settle a dispute or to determine property value or a building survey to identify on-site markers for your construction project, we provide A1 services.

We proudly specialize in high rise construction surveys, utility surveys, boundary surveys, As-Built surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveys, sidewalk surveys, property surveys and topographical surveys.
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Consultation NYC Land Surveyors Serving NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Consultation
At Empire State Layout, we view surveying and mapping as the backbone of the country's most important development projects, therefore we take our role seriously. It is our goal to supersede the expectations of our clients while also contributing to the future of our employees and their families.

This industry requires a multi-disciplinary skill-set and acute attention to detail, which Empire has mastered. It is this dedication to providing exemplary services that we believe will excel us as the country's premier land survey firm.

Please contact us today.

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