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As-Built Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - NY As-Built Surveyors

As-Built Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - NY As-Built Surveyors

As-Built Surveying in NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Empire State Layout is your one stop shop for exceptional land surveying services, with more than 50 years of combined experience working with construction crews, government agencies, engineers, individuals and more. Our strong commitment to providing quality service along with rich, detailed sketches and mapping, is why customers choose us again and again.

Perhaps you have a construction project completed or in the works. Our NY As-Built Surveyors can provide you with an As-Built Survey throughout every stage of your project. An As-Built survey serves many purposes from documenting existing land improvements before making future improvements to tracking your crew's progress to ensuring the completed work is up to par and in compliance with official requirements.

What are As-Built Surveys?

As-Built Surveys, also known as Physical Surveys and Design Surveys, are generally used to document the current state of a site at various intervals throughout the life-cycle of a project. They differ from pre-construction surveys in that they document site conditions at the present time as opposed to solely before construction work.

An As-Built survey begins with a base map of the project, then gradually builds upon the map to reflect the current conditions of the site. The base map is updated utilizing various intelligence including ground level topography, research at local agencies and information and documentation of visible site improvements.

An As-Built survey can also be performed at the completion of a project to verify that was indeed completed according to planned and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Who Needs As-Built Surveying?

Construction projects run on tight schedules, and sometimes, even tighter budgets. A physical survey can be used by the construction team to monitor construction progress including schedules, subcontractor work and payments. In the meantime, clients are often anxious for a finished project, not to mention, worried as to whether the project will exceed the current budget or not. An As-Built survey can provide clients with proof that said work was completed by the date promised and that the project is progressing as planned.

Physical surveys can also be used by engineers to record site improvements, such as underground work, and their tolerance within the location. Many agencies also require a physical survey for use in the maintenance and repair of underground improvements as well as to note their location for future development projects.

Why You Need As-Built Surveying

The main benefit of an As-Built survey is that it provides reassurance about existing limitations, which is important for safety and space precautions. Another major benefit of a physical survey is that it ensures works completed are within the realm of local rules and regulations.

Other Benefits of As-Built Surveying
  • Settle Disputes - In this day and age, where lawsuits run abound, an as As-Built Survey can serve as protection. The survey is an official account that work performed was indeed authorized by the client, completed according to specifications and within legal boundaries, which can be used to settle disputes. Furthermore, A well-documented project showing that work was completed correctly and according to plan can impress clients, which can increase word of mouth and help build your organization's reputation.
  • Completely Customization - NY As-Built Surveyors can conduct a physical survey portraying the most basic details of a property or phase of a project or produce a more elaborate survey including profound details such as contours and elevations etc. We can even go a step further and include existing underground utilities etc. as well. It's all up to the client.
  • Defines Boundary Lines - An As-Built survey accurately displays boundary lines in relation to existing improvements, with a strong focus on the spatial divide between the two. This spacial divide can alert construction teams, homeowners and business owners as to how much property space is available for additional improvements as well as the type of improvements that can be made on the property.
  • Fulfills Mortgage Requirements - Physical surveys are required for mortgage closings. In fact, most agencies require a physical survey to prove that the site itself as well as all improvements actually exist. Our professional surveyors can provide an intricate sketch of the property including all site improvements for use in fulfilling mortgage and other agency requirements.
  • Can Be Used to Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy - An As-Built Survey conducted at the completion of a project can be used to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. A Certificate of Occupancy serves as proof that the given structure is in compliance with building codes and other standards, which can also be used to ensure the structure is suitable for occupancy.
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free As-Built Surveying Consultation for As-Built Surveying in NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free As-Built Surveying Consultation
Empire State Layout As-Built Surveyors employ only the most modern technology for the most accurate results, so there is never a question as to existing site improvements. This can be especially crucial with projects involving dangerous pipelines. For years, we have provided safe and effective land surveying services to clients throughout New York City including Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Whether you wish to note your site boundaries for future improvements, help build your company's reputation with a well-documented proof of your work, or obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for agency purposes, Empire State Layout can help. Contact our friendly, professional staff for a free consultation.

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