High Definition Laser Scans

High Definition Laser Scans NY - Empire State Layout

High Definition Laser Scans NY - Empire State Layout

High Definition Laser Scanning in NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Empire State Layout, a reputable surveying and precision mapping company, is backed by over 50 years of combined experience. Our knowledgeable professional staff is committed to providing outstanding quality service and exceeding customer needs in public, commercial and residential surveying.

We're proud of our reputation and want to continue offering the highest of standards in such services as boundary surveying, building information modelling and high definition laser scans. We offer precision, quality and excellence in land surveying.

What Is High Definition Scanning?

High definition laser scanning is a process used to obtain accurate 3D pictures and measurements of various sites or structures. This modern measuring technology is both precise and accurate. It's also quite cost effective. Obtaining high definition laser scans allows aspects to be captured that might ordinarily be problematic such as rough surfaces, unusual facilities and remote areas. High definition laser scanning is also a safer method for surveyors to use and allows building inhabitants to continue regular activities with fewer disruptions than other methods.

This precise scanning is utilized often in space planning, building face studies, post-construction documentation and forensic surveys, among other uses. It uses what's known as either LIDAR or Phase-based technology to capture the 3D data in an incredibly effective manner. This technology is versatile in that it can be used in so many settings, regardless of surface features or size.

Clear digital records can be produced of topographical or structural conditions without the instrumentation even touching the object being measured. Data or "point clouds" are formed through the millions of measurement points produced by the scan. These points are called "coordinates." Every single coordinate within a point cloud is assigned an x,y and z value. Other names for these values are Easting for x, Northing for y and Elevation for z. Because these points are so very precise in detail, it's possible to measure exactly from one point to another in the point cloud.

Who Benefits from HD Laser Scanning?

The number of professions that benefit from the use of high definition laser scanning is quite impressive. The technological implications of this scanning method are applicable to numerous industries and professionals within those fields. Some areas in which this technology is seen, beyond surveying, include manufacturing, construction, forensics, architecture, civil engineering, mechanics and fabrication.

High definition laser scans can be used in a number of different capacities. There are several uses for this powerful, precise laser scanning technique.
  • They can create topographical mapping for environmental lands, building construction, land development and as-builds.
  • Large-scale mapping of entire city blocks can be performed with 3D laser scanning, which is useful in planning revitalization projects.
  • They can also be beneficial in bridge and roadway construction projects. Historical preservation projects are aided with the images created through this technology.
  • Emergency purposes like catastrophic event mapping, hazard surveying and accident reconstruction are some very important ways in which this type of laser scanning is incorporated.
  • Building information models in architecture are created using this technology, as well. In highway surveying, laser scanning cuts down on much need for traffic management and is far less disruptive than other survey methods.
There are so many benefits to the use of 3D laser scanning. Let's take a look at some of the more commonly seen. It's a very safe method of measuring through scan. The reason that it is so safe is because it's a tool that requires no contact. There's no longer the need to utilize cranes and other big pieces of mechanical equipment to reach high structures such as high structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical features. There's definitely an inherent risk in the use of large machinery, and that risk is eliminated with the ability to scan, retrieve data and obtain measurements from the ground.

Laser scanning is also a much faster way to obtain dimensions. This is particularly true for complex spaces with unusual shapes. Also, 3D laser scanning is much more accurate and precise in collecting measurements than traditional methods. This amount of accuracy is because the details captured in the point cloud are at such high levels. In addition, the end product is likely to be better and more complete thanks to the advanced measurement and imaging techniques.

Efficiency is a significant benefit in many ways. For example, the speed at which scans can be taken eliminate the need for numerous return trips as were required in the past. Clients and workers benefit from the speed, accuracy and safety of 3D laser scanning. All of these advantages lead to cost-saving when it comes to scanning and measuring various features and dimensions. The added value in time, money and effort make high definition laser scanning a worthwhile investment.
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free High Definition Laser Scanning Consultation
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free High Definition Laser Scanning Consultation
Advancements in technology have truly made a tremendous impact no the surveying industry. High definition laser scanning has probably provided one of the biggest impacts for surveyors and clients alike. NY high definition laser scanning can assist customers in any number of fields with imaging and measuring needs for nearly any project. This technology is far superior to those of the past. It is also safer, more precise and faster, leading to cost savings. High definition laser scanning is a win-win proposition, and no one does it better than the experts at Empire State Layout.

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