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Highway Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - Highway Surveyors

Highway Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - Highway Surveyors

Highway Surveying for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Empire State Layout has over 50 years of combined experience in all of the major facets of land surveying. Their staff is made up of some of the most innovative NY highway surveyors - all are equipped with extensive surveying knowledge and the latest surveying technology to help them do their jobs to the best of their ability.

The company has a long history of high-quality work in New York City, the Burroughs and also Long Island. We guarantee accuracy and reasonable rates while meeting all necessary deadlines, including those for highway construction surveying projects, where efficiency is often a priority.
What Are Highway Surveys?

Highway surveying is a specialized branch of land surveying. These specific surveys typically take place during the planning stage before highway construction even begins. This type of surveying may also take place when a highway is being renovated or any major changes are to be made to the road. The survey is essentially how the new road is planned and how the route is mapped according to the pre-existing land and other features.

The survey aids a great deal during the actual construction or renovation process. These surveys basically establish where the highway is supposed to be with the surveyors working to determine the best route through the landscape. Due to features of the land as well as buildings, it is impossible for any road to be completely straight. The goal in most highway construction is create the best, fastest route.

The surveyors determine if the landscape can or needs to be altered in the form of moving soil, removing trees and other features, and also where curves in the road will be when features cannot be changed. The goal is generally to complete the roadway in a way that requires minimal alterations as well as an optimized route.

If any alterations need to take place, they highway surveyor will survey the land again afterward. They make sure that the land has been prepped correctly, according to plan. they check and double-check the route. Surveying typically involves the use of GPS devices as well as laser technology, which is also used during construction.

This allows for increased accuracy and ensures that the roadway lines up with the plans exactly. The use of lasers also allows the surveying team to take measurements from the roadside, usually this completely eliminates the need to disrupt traffic on any existing roadways. In the past, traffic would have to be completely cut-off for surveyors to work because they relied on surveying stakes.

Highway surveys are also used after the construction phase when the roadway is completed. The survey and information it provides can act as a map not only for the roadways themselves, but also for nearby drainage systems, utilities, buildings and any other landscape features that the road was constructed around. If the construction crew and engineers stayed true to the initial survey then it will provide a very detailed layout of the finished landscape.

The survey information provided by lasers and GPS equipment is not only extremely accurate, but can be used to create invaluable, highly-detailed 3-dimensional maps of the area. These maps usually include even the smallest of features like overhead wires - a great deal goes into any highway survey. The survey is used again if any repairs need to be made and they also come into play if reconstruction needs to occur following any sort of accident.

Who Can Benefit From Highway Surveys?

In most cases NY highway surveyors, like those at Empire State Layout, provide their services to government agencies. The surveyors work closely with highway engineers and other contractors to determine how to best prepare the land before beginning construction of a new highway, expanding an existing highway or making any changes to any roadway. These can all be major projects and a good survey is vital to completing with project with the best results in the fastest time. A highway survey includes not only grading soil and dirt to build a roadway, but other features such as tunnels, bridges and even things as seemingly simple as where to place curves in the road.

A prompt and accurate surveying job expedites the entire process and is truly the first step in any road construction project. A surveyor will also often continue to work side-by-side with the engineers to make sure the work is going smoothly. They are also there to make any necessary changes and adjustments to the route should unforeseen circumstances occur.

The engineer specializes in the actual construction of the road, whereas the surveyor is an expert at highway planning - creating the fastest route from a destination to a destination with a minimal amount of changes being made to the pre-existing landscape. The few changes that have to be made, the faster the highway can be completed. This means that a good surveying team can cut back on various costs for potentially costly highway construction.
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Highway Surveying Consultation. Highway Surveying for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area.
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Highway Surveying Consultation
Empire State Layout's highway surveying services are dependable and affordable. With 50 years of combined experience in surveying they are experts in the field. If your agency is preparing to begin a highway construction project then contact Empire State Layout today, we will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your needs and the details of your roadway plan.

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