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Empire State Layout has been the trusted name for many years now in the field of land surveys in NYC and the surrounding areas. We set the standards when it comes to this line of work. Using only the top of the line technologies, we make dreams a reality with our specialized knowledge and commitment to precision and quality.

Land surveying in NYC is challenging, to say the least. That's why we only implement the most innovative tech to give our clients the most accurate sketches, meticulously mapped so that the lines and the contours cannot be questioned. Here, we only use the most knowledgeable NYC land surveyors in the industry. Our company has over 50 years of experience that shows in each and every job we do. We handle construction surveys, utility surveys, ALTA surveys, topographical surveys and much more.
NYC Construction Surveys
Construction Surveys in NYC

These surveys are also often referred to as building surveys. NYC land surveyors use these to locate on-site markers like buildings and roadways. Empire State Layout consistently give the most accurate and reliable surveys for the whole spectrum of construction projects. This includes work on high rises as well. Construction surveys are a critical part of the construction process and require exacting precision.
NYC Property Surveys
Property Surveys in NYC

These surveys give you a detailed map of the property's boundaries, structures and things like roads and rivers in the area. A survey like this one is also used to determine the property value. Any disputes can be resolved with this as well. Property surveys may be used for underdeveloped land, private and commercial properties.
NYC Boundary Surveys
Boundary Surveys in NYC

As the name states, these surveys are used to give the land owner a very specific look at the limits and extent of their parcel of land. Boundary surveys are very useful in settling property line disputes and any renovations or excavations that may need to occur in future endeavors. An accurate map of your exact property boundaries is yet another must for any large scale work needed.
NYC As Built Surveys
As-Built Surveys in NYC

As-Built surveys are used to help identify any improvements made to a piece of land that is accurate and up to date. These are necessary for construction crews to have exact information on the conditions of a site before starting a big project. These surveys are used for residential and commercial properties alike.
NYC ALTA Surveys
ALTA Surveys in NYC

ALTA surveys (American Land Title Association Surveys) are used by title companies, mortgage companies, and lenders in order to approve insurance. Our highly skilled and technical staff at Empire State Layout surveys will provide high-quality sketches to meet any third party requirements. This is just one trademark of an excellent NYC land surveyor.
NYC Building Information Modeling
Building Information Modeling in NYC

Building information models or (BIM) are computer images created to give an exact idea for undeveloped buildings or utilities. These models give a detailed look at the building process and structural characteristics. They can be used by individuals and businesses, including government agencies to aid in the planning and construction of their project. These are a great addition to the tools for land surveying in NYC.
NYC Topographical Surveys
Topographical Surveys in NYC

Topographical surveys assist in giving a visual aid on the man-made and natural characteristics of a particular parcel of land. These are ideal for defining elevation points as well. Design engineers and architects typically use these to evaluate the scope and scale of a particular project. Given the wide variety of land masses in the areas, these surveys are a must for any NYC land surveyor.
NYC High Definition Laser Scanning
High Definition Laser Scanning in NYC

High definition laser scans are typically used for situations where a parcel of land is already occupied or in inaccessible areas where workers simply cannot reach on foot. They are ideal for sites with limited access and for keeping any of the surveyors out of harms way.

The vivid detail given by these HD scans are perfect for space planning and things like post construction and more. This is just one more tool in our arsenal to provide the most precise sketches and mapping possible with current technology.
NYC Highway Surveys
Highway Surveys in NYC

Initially, these surveys are used to map out the correct route for the highways being constructed. They also ensure that the roadways are where they should be throughout the highway construction process. When a highway is completed, these surveys can be implemented to map out the areas and determine the layout of utilities and buildings in the surrounding areas. They are also used in aiding in the repair of said roadways.

Empire State Layout is very efficient in all aspects of the job and effectively work under tight schedules and collaborations with local officials.
NYC Utility Surveys
Utility Surveys in NYC

These surveys use ground penetration radar mapping and radio detection combined with topographical surveys to give you an extremely detailed map of existing utilities. This is very critical to the planning process in order to plan accordingly so as not to disrupt any complex systems already in place.

NYC land surveyors specifically, need to be very accurate when it comes to this type of job, considering the massive infrastructure of utility networks in the areas.

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