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Utility Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - NY Utility Surveyors

Utility Surveys NY - Empire State Layout - NY Utility Surveyors

Utility Surveying for NYC, Manhattan, The Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Surrounding Area

Empire State Layout is home to miraculous land surveying services. With over 50 years of combined experience, our land surveyors are highly skilled, experienced and trained in all matters of land surveying including thorough sketches and mapping, the latest in innovative technology and punctilious time management skills for superior results you can depend on.

It is important to identify the underlying structures of a site before embarking on any development project, because sometimes a complex system of pipelines lie underneath, which can prove fatal if accidentally punctured or dug up. Our NY Utility Surveyors are highly trained and experienced in underground utility detection including the discovery of buried pipelines, busted lines and gas leaks to help developers maintain the safety of their site. We are also proficient in traffic management to further ensure the safety of the community.

What is a Utility Survey?

A Utility Survey is the cautious monitoring of public utilities and the systems installed for the transportation of those resources to a specific area. Examples of utilities include electricity, phone and cable lines, gas, sewerage system and water. These intricate systems are often installed by engineers and can be located above or underground.

Who Needs a Utility Survey?

Utilities provide important resources to cities, neighborhoods and the common person. When these systems are down, require maintenance or are damaged, such as by digging or just normal wear and tear, they require the expertise and equipment of a professional Utility Surveyor to pinpoint exactly where these systems are located, so they can be properly maintained and cared for.

Developers can also benefit from Utility Surveys, because sometimes existing pipelines need to be located and evaluated for safety purposes before the start of a development project. A Utility Survey is beneficial for a number of situations including:Construction
  • Design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Maintenance
  • And more

Why You Need a Utility Survey

Underground utility systems such as water, gas and sewer systems vary in diameters and depths below the ground, making it hard to locate with the human eye, therefore, an individual may attempt an excavation project without giving much thought as to what may actually be there. A Utility Survey ensures that there are no hidden underground surprises during your project, which can prove disastrous or even fatal, so the development team can proceed with confidence.

Other Benefits of Utility Surveying
  • Ensures Public Health and Safety - Projects involving deep foundations, piling and mining etc. require penetration deep below the earth's surface where vital gas lines, water lines and cables are often hidden, therefore, it is important to locate the existence and position of underground utilities before excavations begin. In fact, it is required by law to have a Utility Survey before excavation projects to minimize risks and hazards to the general public.
  • Beneficial When Installing New Pipelines - Sometimes a project may involve installing new pipelines, but first the developer needs to be sure previous pipelines do not exist. A Utility Surveyor can scan below the ground surface, utilizing specialized equipment for the most accurate results, to detect existing pipes, so they can be safely and properly be removed before the new ones can be installed. Whether upgrading existing lines or installing new pipes or service routes, it is important to locate previously installed pipelines and cables etc. prior to excavations in order to avoid damaging them, which can lead to gas leaks, busted water lines or even electrical issues.
  • Provides Thorough Detection - The location of the land, soil conditions, topography of the land and the depth of utilities can sometimes make it difficult to locate underground utility systems, therefore, surveyors will often employ various survey methods for the accurate detection of utilities based on land conditions. As of today, there are at-least 6 different survey methods for detecting underground utilities including radio wave technology, which offers the most thorough Utility Surveys.
  • Non Invasive Surveying - Utility surveyors utilize specialized equipment such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), which relies on a wide array of antenna configurations to locate underground utilities housed beneath both concrete and soil foundations. This innovative technology allows surveyors to scan the earth's surface for existing utility lines without ever having to saw, cut, dig or drill etc. to break open the land. GPR is a proven, safe and effective way to scan the ground without the risks of x-raying.
  • Includes a Detailed Utility Plan/Risk Assessment - Once the survey is complete, clients are presented with a detailed utility plan and risk assessment, which can be used to plan a safer development project.
At Empire State Layout, we take Utility Surveying seriously in order to maintain the safety and care of the residents, workers and the land. Our NY Utility Surveyors are highly adept at locating buried utilities and maintain a disciplined protocol which includes cross referencing previous records, ground penetrating radar detection in combination with radio detection and a topographical survey, for the most accurate results.
Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Utility Surveying Consultation

Contact Empire State Layout for a Free Utility Surveying Consultation

If you are interested in a certified utility assessment to maintain the safety and integrity of your project, do not hesitate to contact Empire State Layout, the industry's leader throughout New York City, Long Island and surrounding areas, for a free consultation to discuss your utility detection needs.

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